Everybody Knows…Phaedra Parks Needs Her Own Show

Really, Andy Cohen? Really?! Of all the Atlanta housewives the one who gets her own spinoff is Kim Zolciak? Have you been paying attention the past two seasons? Let’s face it: Kim was snoozeville last season. She was hardly in any of the scenes, and when she was, it was just “blah blah Kroy’s ass is hot blah.” (As an aside, whose idea was the title “Don’t Be Tardy For the Wedding”? It’s so awkward.) Anyhoo.

“Miss Teen Phaedra”

The one to watch is Phaedra.

Those facial expressions! That insanely over-the-top Southern lady accent! THE FACT THAT SHE WANTS TO RUN A FUNERAL HOME!

Hello, Andy: this woman is GOLD. Here’s why she’s so fascinating:

She is very, very strange. Um, again: funeral home.
She is actually accomplished. She has a law degree and come on, she’s lawyer to the stars Bobby Brown.
She is straight up nuts. Who can forget the tomfoolery with Aidan’s due date?
She’s funny! Whether the subject is bad manners or circumcision or why she needs 12 cakes for her one-year-old’s birthday party or Sheree’s problems paying attorneys, her commentary is always hilarious.
She likes to have a good time. This is the woman who brought ReDICKulous to Kandi’s party.
The one thing I can’t decide is if she should have a reality show or a talk show.

Whichever. Everybody knows it would be awesome.

2 thoughts on “Everybody Knows…Phaedra Parks Needs Her Own Show

  1. I AGREE! Phaedra is fun to watch, and, bonus, her husband is kinda sexy (though also a little quirky/funny/unexpected), and she has a really cool mom. I think either Phaedra or Kandi should get their own show.

  2. cynthia says:

    I would not watch a show with Phaedra, she is boring as hell, Apollo was/is her storyline. I like the kids though.

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