Milania Giudice: The TRUE Star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey

The New Jersey Housewives frustrate us, don’t they? The ladies of Franklin Lakes can be so inconsistent. Teresa says nothing matters more than family, but behaves in ways that completely contradict her statements. Caroline says life is too short for drama, and then shows up (ta-da!)on Jacqueline’s back deck just in time to insert herself into Teresa and Jacqueline’s friend break up.

But there is ONE character from NJ whose actions are always, always consistent with her words. One cast member who stays “in character” at all times, never distracting us with complicated feelings or nuanced emotion.

That character is Milania.

Milania from Real Housewives of New Jersey

“Get the jerk out!”

Milania is an absolute terror on each and every episode in which she’s featured. She never disappoints.

  • Climbing into produce bins at the grocery store? Check.
  • Screaming “I want the jerk OUT!’ at the poor underpaid hairstylist assigned to give her an updo? Check.
  • Responding with a guttural “Uuuugggghh!” to any request from her parents? Check.
  • Asking for pizza by saying – to her DAD! – “Gimme pizza you old troll!” Check.
  • Calling Juicy Joe “a big poop” for not going to Antonia’s birthday party? Check and check again. (And, by the way, she’s totally right about JJ. He actually IS a big poop.) has a great collection of Milania’s Top Ten Moments . It’s worth a click to revel in the poise and grace of a truly elegant superstar!

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