Money Can’t Buy You Class, Indeed

It’s hard to remember that this is NOT a parody. This is Real Housewife of New York City Countess Luann’s official music video.

How is it possible that it actually seems more comical now than it did then?! When the Countess was making the song, I think I was so focused on the fact that she was even doing a song that I don’t think I fully realized how hilarious it is! Remember the music producer? The one who kept his sunglasses on at all times?

source: chris young tumblr


Of course you do.

What you might not remember is how awful the song is! And much like when people tell you they are funny, or laidback, or “a lot of fun”, when people tell you they are classy, they are most assuredly not.

This video makes that point better than I ever could.


5 thoughts on “Money Can’t Buy You Class, Indeed

  1. hysterical! thanks for the laugh….it is like a parody! I can’t believe this was not done tongue in cheek!!! LOL!

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m so embarrassed for her!! Cringe worthy!

  3. Michelle says:

    Apparently, $ can’t buy you a clue either 😉

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      Here’s something funny: I was thinking about you when I wrote this piece! I actually imagined cracking up over it with you. Feel so bad for the Countess…

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