2 thoughts on “Who Gon Check Me

  1. Susan Barmon says:

    And we wonder how children learn to bully so well.

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      Susan, I know you feel really strongly about this. And I really appreciate that you read my blog anyway, even though so much of it is about reality TV. I think you and I disagree on the role of reality TV in bullying. I feel like bullying has been around forever and I’m not convinced it’s any worse now. What I think IS different is that people are talking about it; kids and adults are no longer just accepting it in that “kids will be kids way.” I don’t think anyone on these trashy shows I watch is a role model, but I also don’t think I hold them any more accountable than anyone else. But as always, I appreciate your perspective. 🙂

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