Linked Out Love :: September 21, 2012

It didn’t make a big splash, but Fiona Apple was arrested for drug possession this week when her tour bus was pulled over and hash was found on board. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but the mugshot is all the evidence I need that homegirl is BAKED. (Popbytes)

In other drug-related news, a drunk and high 51-year-old lady “pirate” commandeers a passenger ferry yelling, “I’m Jack Sparrow!” as she attempts to elude authorities. Is this hilarious or terrifying? (Gawker)

The people in this gif are Jack White, Amy Winehouse, Jay-Z and Beyonce. I have no idea why they are all together, where this took place, no idea when it was filmed, and I care not one tiny bit. Because this is proof that at some moment in time, 4 people I completely geek out over were in the same room. (

Let’s leave politics out of this and just agree that Mittens got a comically bad spray tan. (ColorLines)

Ok, just one more about politics: the MC Hammer/Obama mash-up “U Didn’t Build That.” Delightful for lovers and haters alike. (Buzzfeed)

And finally, I’ll use the same headline for this that my friend Tom did: FLORIDA!!!  (Jalopnik and Thomas Ronca)

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