Bravo’s Sneaky Editors Did It Again!

We frequently hear from people on reality shows – particularly the villains – that it’s the editing that makes them look bad. Sure, they may have said whatever horribly offensive thing they said, but they always claim it’s “out of context.”

We’ve been seeing Aviva’s “You’re both white trash, quite frankly” bit in endless Bravo teasers since before the season even began. When the episode aired, we saw Aviva haughtily calling out Ramonja. Reaction shots make it look like they are shocked and hurt by Aviva’s accusations. But was it really Sonja and Ramona that Aviva was addressing? Or did Bravo’s editors pull a fast one?

Now it can be revealed! In raw video my sources obtained, we finally see what really went down that night in St. Barths. Click through if you can handle the truth.


Wow. Those editors are gooood.


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8 thoughts on “Bravo’s Sneaky Editors Did It Again!

  1. Beth says:

    very clever! this blog needs a “like” button (a la facebook)

  2. melissa630 says:

    I agree!! “LIKE”

  3. Oh Boo Boo. What a world of disappointment the rest of your life will be.

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      I know that’s right! I just know after this season when the poor relations start coming around for a hand-out, it’s gonna get ugly.

  4. Bwahahahaha!!
    And for real.. Boo Boo.. ?? I just can’t. I can’t! I can not admit to watching that… on DVR after everyone’s in bed. What??

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