Don’t Make Room for Daddy: This Week’s Real Housewives of New York City

Ugh, George is back. Why didn’t he just stay gone? Gross. Here we go.

After the show opens on Aviva and Horny Goat Weed George buying $400 worth of crap in a health food store, we see Sonja returning from a meeting with her husband’s divorce lawyers. She thought she would be talking to him face-to-face but evidently, he just sent the lawyers in to tell her she’s not getting any money. Geez, what do you marry an rich old geezer for if not to get some money out of it? Sonja must have skipped some classes at Gold Digger School. I do feel badly for Sonja here – this whole situation seems sad and ugly and it’s definitely part of the reason for her unraveling. But I think the saddest part of all of it was her coming home and sharing a real sad moment in her life with these 2 interns or whatever the hell they are, and they obviously totally do not give a shit.

“Hey, when you’re done crying, could we maybe talk about me being paid?”

Moving on, we see Heather planning a fashion show to benefit an organization that funds pediatric liver donation. Good for Heather. Seriously. I love Heather and I love that she actually walks the walk. My favorite moment was when Heather asked Aviva to be in the fashion show and you can tell Luann’s all, “Um, hello! Model! Sitting right next to you!

“Oh, grrreat. I’m so happy for you, Aviva. Thanks for cutting in to my camera time.”

The scene then shifts to Sonja’s dining room where Luann has come over to lend moral support to Sonja as she takes down the enormous gaudy oil painting of her husband. I get that Sonja’s super bummed about the divorce. And I also get that sometimes the strangest things can make you sad, but COME ON. This scene lasted 45 minutes! Seriously, I got up and did a load of laundry and made pizza from scratch and finished “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” and she was still belly-aching about whether to take the painting down or not!

And another thing: did I miss something about the complicated art and science of painting removal? Sonja was talking about these painting storage people like they were the royalty she so loves to name-check. Then Nora Ephron came in and they wrapped the picture in some bubble wrap and that was that. I need to get into that racket…

The scene ends with Luann, always the supportive friend, offering comfort by saying the walls look empty now. Thanks, Lu!

“Hungover? Me? No, I always wear my sunglasses inside.”

So. Now we’re at some expensive restaurant where Aviva is lying in wait so that she can try and drag this whole St. Barth’s “bad behavior” thing out even more. Ok, I cannot stand Ramona. I really dislike her intensely. But Aviva has done the impossible and made me side with Ramona Singer! Yep. Aviva needs to zip it. Seriously. Enough with her self-righteous harping on Ramonja’s drunken antics. Why does she care what they were up to? How does this affect her in any way? She’s awful.

I read on Aviva’s blog that her mother died from alcoholism. I imagine there is some real trauma associated with that and I’m sure that makes it difficult to be around people who are drinking heavily. But she’s an adult and she chose to go on a girls’ trip with two of the most unstable drunks in New York City! Learn from this, Aviva.

Oh, and she bugs but I thought she looked really pretty in that scene.

There was a brief pointless scene with Mario and Carole. Involving trophies? For ping pong? Maybe? No idea. But what kills me is that in this cheesy shop, I see they’re selling Ramona’s True Faith jewelry line! Niiice.

The next scene takes place in a lovely Manhattan apartment where Ramona is now hosting a fashion show, too. This one is somehow benefitting abused women. Ramona gets the ladies’ attention and in her introduction, she not only thoughtlessly outs her friend’s abuse, she also manages to get in a dig about how “friends can be abusive, too.” Can you imagine the rage you would feel as a victim of domestic abuse, hearing this idiot using her moment in the spotlight to talk about how her girlfriend’s aren’t always nice to her? Blergggh. Back to hating you, Ramoaner.

Then there’s a whole contrived bit where George comes to the fashion show in Aviva’s place (what? why?) to deliver “the biggest check” to Ramona for the charity. After initially telling George she didn’t want his money, she later accepted it, blahblahblah. Then there was this big stupid scene where Ramona and George got heated and Ramona called for security and then two waiters (“security”?) came over and showed Dirty Old Dad the door. Carole showed poise and class, as usual, by gently telling George he should probably go and walking him to the elevator.

And then George delivered the line of the night. Yes, 80-year-old George referred to Ramona as “that trailer turd.” 

“Hey before they kick me all the way out on my 80-year-old ass, wanna go out sometime?”

BOOM! As always, I can’t wait for next week. Which is actually tomorrow night. What about you, Sonja?

Thought so.

Photos: Bravo
Sonja gif: IHave4Catz.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Make Room for Daddy: This Week’s Real Housewives of New York City

  1. Sara says:

    If I hear about that damn girls trip one more time I’m going to scream! I truly can not handle Aviva. I was so blown away when she admitted the real reason she was so mad in St. Barth’s trip was “to be honest I expected a party and a banner!”. Also, I should admit that I watched the RHONY marathon yesterday so I could feel more involved in your blog.

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      Sara, I’m wiping away a tear right now. *sniff*

      Aviva is out of control. I also think it’s funny that she’s all flipped about Sonja and Ramona “spooning naked” but says nothing to her gross dad about all of his inappropriate comments!

  2. Marci says:

    I haven’t watched this show in years. Whatever happened to the one Bethany used to refer to as “Kell-amity”?

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      Oh, “Kell-amity” was one of my favorite Bethenney-isms ever! Kell got the boot along with Jill Zarin and Alex McCord. This season it’s been a lot fresher. Except for the fact that this girls’ trip nonsense keeps dragging on.

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