New Jersey Reunion Part 1: What Just Happened?

I’m still processing everything that went down last night during the Jersey reunion. Yeesh.

Actually, what “went down” was essentially nothing. Nothing was resolved, nothing was mended, nothing was even discussed, really. It was just Teresa vs. everyone else. As Aviva would say, this is getting old, quite frankly.

So, here’s my recap of Reunion Part 1: (read it with an eye roll in your voice)

Kathy’s new face, Teresa’s pageant dress, Teresa hates everyone, Caroline is indignant, everyone hates Teresa, Jacqueline is crying, miracle baby, hott Lauren, “napalm!”, Melissa is over it, “Your mother’s a liar,” muffled shouting.

The source of the shouting? That would be Rosie! Yes, Kathy’s sister. Teresa’s cousin. Sounds like Rosie took issue with Teresa’s unkind statement about Rosie and Kathy’s dad.

Um, I would think that by now Teresa would know: ROSIE DON’T PLAY.

In Part 2, I’m sure everybody will calm down. They’ll take a breath. They’ll engage in loving conversations that bring them back to what’s really important: family.  

Or not.

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2 thoughts on “New Jersey Reunion Part 1: What Just Happened?

  1. Veleta says:

    I can’t even begin to put into words all that was wrong with that reunion! I always watch them with such high hopes of so much being explained and replaying tapes to show all the b.s. that was said to the camera and catching each other in lies….it NEVER happens! I’m still holding out for part 2 and 3…

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      Man, I am, too. I was so disappointed. I think Andy has lost control of the reunions – or maybe just the NJ ladies. It really was a huge disappointment but I’m hopeful, too! I’m such an addict that I’m actually watching Miami now! I’m so ashamed…

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