How Your Reality TV Sausage Gets Made

As I’ve slowly outed myself as a lover of reality TV – well, some reality TV – one of the things I often hear/read is that it’s all fake, or it’s all scripted, or the producers engineer scenarios. I don’t fully agree with that – most of these people are not good enough actors to convey such real emotions – but I also couldn’t fully disagree. I’ve always wondered how much is real and how much is as fake as Teresa’s tan.

Never thought I’d say this, but thank goodness for Jill Zarin! Good old J-Z was on Watch What Happens Live with Andy the other night, and among many other things, she explained how she engineered her conflict with Bethenney for ratings. Nice work, ding dong! Like so many before her, it seems Jill’s persona as a reality “star” at some point became more real to her than her persona as a “sane person.” I feel a little tiny bit bad for her. Don’t get me wrong: she is bananas. But her breakdown of how the whole conflict with Bethenney played out was actually really interesting.

Here’s my take: Jill and Bethenney were truly friends. Jill thought (wrongly) that it would “really surprise viewers” if she and Bethenney started scrapping. She filled Andy and the producers in on her fab idea. Andy told her no bueno. But Jill proceeded anyway and with the help of the producers, orchestrated situations where she could argue with Bethenney but – oopsie! – she forgot to tell B about her plan. She was a beast to Bethenney that season! I mean, who can forget poor B weeping into her phone as she stood on the sidewalk in her red dress listening to Jill bark, “Bethenney, we ARE done”?? Jill hoped that she could stage a big reconciliation on St. Barth’s (flippin’ St. Barth’s again! Bravo must be getting a deeeep discount on that island). The producers worked with her so that she and Bawb-by would drop in and surprise the other ladies as they were getting pedis. Jill would make her big entrance and she would say “sowwy” and it would all be tied up with a bow. But that’s when ish got real. As I’ve long suspected, producers can engineer situations so that key players are in the same spot at the same time, but ultimately they can’t control the actual people. Yes, some are probably more open to “suggestions” than others, but for the most part, the feelings are real. Jill learned the hard way when she was cut from the herd just like a weak wildebeest.

The short video below gives you a taste of Jill’s still-bitter feelings toward both Bravo and Andy. In the same way that Alex McCord’s video comments about the current season of The Real Housewives of New York are entertaining, Jill’s (slightly nutty) take on how it all really goes down in reality TV makes for good, um, reality TV.

6 thoughts on “How Your Reality TV Sausage Gets Made

  1. Emma Covarrubias says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! and the joke is on Bravo,,, Finally someone comes out and says what is really going on… I don’t care much for Jill, she goes back to make a point once too many times and it gets boring and I rather poke my eye out… Some stuff you just cannot make up like what happened on RHOBH, you know to Russell.. but I’m guessing all the fighting with the RHONJ was staged at some point.. bad editing and all of that.. Andy looked like he didn’t know where to hide while Jill was explaining how she engineered the fight with B,

  2. Sara says:

    Just watching this as I type! Jill really is bananas and I give Andy props for even doing this interview! The fact she keeps saying how viewers obviously are sad she is gone and ratings are terrible since she left is ridiculous. It’s like she is begging to get her job back! She is so jealous of Bethany and the fact that she has dinner with AC. Lame!

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      Oh, but Sara, Sqweeze Couture and the jewelry line are both doing great! She doesn’t need the show! /sarcasm

  3. Charlotte says:

    She really is cuckoo. I have no idea how she points to Bethenney and Jason making up after they declared “we’re done” as evidence for the fact that she should have been able to patch things up with her ex-bestie. I don’t think she realizes that things are a bit different when you’re married, no?

    Thanks for posting this, I never got to see this interview! I love me some Andy Cohen.

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