Throwin’ Shade and Spillin’ Tea: Miss Lawrence and Derek J Need Their Own Show


Please please please, someone out there tell me you watched The Hairstylists Tell All??!

Miss-Lawrence-Derek-JI had it on my DVR for about 2 weeks before I actually got bored enough found the time to watch it. All I can say is Andy Cohen, you are a GENIUS!

Watching it, all I could think was what a great weekly show it would make. Miss Lawrence and Derek J should have 30 minutes after every new episode of Atlanta to break it DOWN for the rest of us. Andy, are you listening?

Bravo is notoriously stingy with their videos so I wasn’t able to find video of Ms. Lawrence’s impeccable Kandi impression. But I did find this one, which is almost as good.

The one red flag/uh-oh moment for me was Ms. Lawrence mentioning that he’s friends with new Atlanta cast member Kenya Moore. If you’ve seen the first two episodes of this new season, I think you’ll agree with me that Kenya has probably had more spit in her food than anyone in the A. She’s a DEMON! Which means she’ll make for great TV, of course.

Here’s Ms. Lawrence and Derek J providing a “gay vocabulary and dictionary” for those who might not know what “shade” means:

Fun fact: Ms. Lawrence is one of the few Atlanta cast members I’ve seen in person. My friend Patti and I were at Lenox Square, having a drink at Prime, when I looked up to see Ms. Lawrence at one of the little two tops right outside the restaurant. He was elegant – of course – and deep in conversation with a pageant type.

Seriously, Andy. Give them the show. NOW.

2 thoughts on “Throwin’ Shade and Spillin’ Tea: Miss Lawrence and Derek J Need Their Own Show

  1. Sara says:

    Saw it and loved it. And let’s be honest Ms. Lawrence can really pull off a red lip.

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