You Guys, I’m Worried About Britney

It appears that Britney’s romance with her manager/co-conservator Jason Trawick is over. Wayne Coyne’s cleaned up twin handed over the keys to Britney’s heart while her lawyers removed his name from whatever documents explained that weird custody arrangement he had with Brit Brit’s dad. Thirty-year-old Britney isn’t free to run her own life, though – don’t be silly. It’s just that now her dad holds the reins alone rather than sharing them with her boyfriend/manager. I still don’t understand that whole thing at all.

Happier times.

Happier times.

Predictably, both parties released statements saying they will remain friends and that Jason will continue to be a part of her boys’ lives. Blah blah blah. I’m waiting for one of these celeb couples to break up and make a statement more along the lines of “I hate this motherf***er and I hope I never see his stupid face again for the rest of my life! I’ve changed the locks and cleaned out our accounts. That piece of shit can suck it!” Oh well.

The day after Britney (bitch!) announced the engagement was off, she also announced that she wouldn’t be returning for another season of The X-Factor. Reportedly Simon Cowell and his team decided that paying B $15 million to give half claps and say “Amazing” wasn’t a great investment. I never saw an episode of the show but I probably could have told Simon months ago to save his money. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here’s where my concern comes in: a single, jobless Britney is an off-the-rails Britney. I remember the moment in 2007 when Brit’s Total Life Meltdown was no longer funny. When it became clear that here was a young woman in terrible distress, in need of help. I genuinely hope the kid can catch a break and find some peace.

Stay strong, Brit! Because if you don’t, you could get Federlined again. And we all know what that looks like.

2 thoughts on “You Guys, I’m Worried About Britney

  1. nancy says:

    Have you seen her in the video with I felt sorry for her that she has been reduced to simply swaying.

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