Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 TONIGHT!

We’re just hours away from part one of the super-sized Real Housewives of Atlanta season 5 reunion show and for me, it can’t be 8 pm soon enough! This season was a little ho-hum but the reunion looks goooood, doesn’t it?

Since it’s very clear that Andy Cohen reads my blog – how else to explain Fashion Queens? – the other ladies probably do, too. So I’ll address each of them individually and let them know what I think of their performances this season.

Phaedra Parks ::  Donkologist, Ph D

Phaedra, you are a delightful mystery to me. You live contentedly in Phaedra World, a place where every idea is turned into a business and where a charmingly cracked Southern charm is the coin of the realm. But it’s a nice place and I love you for making a home there with Apollo and Ayden. I’m pleased to see that the marital discord Bravo hinted at in the trailer for this season turned out to be a bunch of bunk and I know you must be so happy to be bringing another little chicken nugget into the world. Anytime you want to go for a day drink at the Clermont Lounge, I’m down.tumblr_mg8g040Ws81ql5yr7o1_400

Kandi Burruss :: The Hungry, Happy Housewife

Kandi, you may want to have a chat with the producers about the editing this season. Girl, they made you look like you would do anything for a plate of food! Maybe you’re ok with it but I think I’d be a little miffed if I had put on a noticeable amount of weight and then every episode showed me yammering about food! I’m guessing you probably don’t care though. And, really, why should you? You seem genuinely happy with Todd, Riley seems to like him, you took a few steps back from Mama Joyce, and you own a bad ass mansion. Good for you and may your empire – whoaOHOH! – keep growing.tumblr_mjas0t874x1ql5yr7o1_400

Cynthia Bailey :: The Natural Sleep Aid

Oh, Cynthia. I love that you are still striving for relevancy. I really do. And that you made a conscious effort to be a sassier character this year. But you are still a human yawn. How about you stick to running the low budget modeling classes as the Bailey Agency and leave the shit stirring to pros like Kenya? Just keep being pretty and pleasant, because that’s kinda your brand; go with it. And one last bit of advice: go – now! – open a secret bank account that Peter can’t get his hands on, because when Bar One goes down, he’s gonna try to take you with it. tumblr_mir1eic7SM1ql5yr7o1_400

Porsha Stewart :: The Dumb Black Blonde*

Porsha (sigh), it’s hard not to feel bad for you, kid. “265 days a year” you struggle to make sense of the world around you. And because your marriage to Kontrolling Kordell was so short, you’re unlikely to get much at all from him in the divorce. Bummer. Word here in ATL is that you were working at your mom’s daycare center before you met him, so maybe there’s still an opening over there? I didn’t want to, but I kinda grew to like you this season. Let’s face it, in this crowd, there are definitely worse things than being a little bit of a ding dong. tumblr_mifuouVw0W1ql5yr7o1_400

Kenya Moore :: The Devil’s Little Sister

Ugh, yooouuu. Kenya, you came in this season and immediately showed what a ridiculous, unstable, delusional witch you are. And I hate to say it, but you probably saved the season from being a complete snoozefest. Living real life as you must be awful, but TV you is always entertaining so keep up the nutjob work. Keep acting like you are somehow historically important, keep passing off Trader Joe’s ready-to-eat entrees as your home cooking, keep bringing “security” with you to rinkydink modeling agencies, and by all means, keep offering checks to dudes to play your boyfriend. You know how to create drama everywhere you go.

I do have to tell you, though: you looked wack as hell kowtowing to Nene at your party as she lectured you about not burning bridges. It is so clear that even though you try to act like some cartoon version of a fierce diva, you know your place, and that will always be at the feet of Nene Leakes.

P.S. You’re dating an “African oil tycoon”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLZ forever!!!


Nene Leakes :: The Once and Future Queen

Nene, I’m so glad you’re back. No, you weren’t technically “gone” but last season, you lost me. You got a little too full of yourself and “I’m rich, bitch” was not a good look on you. But you’ve been cool this season and even the boring episodes (and there were too many of those this season, ANDY) meant one or two hilarious lines from you. And I live for those faces you make. Oh, Nene – the faces!nene wine

I also want to tell you how happy I am you ditched that greasy foot fetishist you were seeing last season. Yes, Gregg always seems mildly stoned but it’s clear that he really loves you and you two have a lot of fun together. Keep enjoying your “glambaby” and don’t ever change again, ok?


That’s a wrap!

I can’t wait for tonight! I’ve decided to play my own one-person drinking game while I watch. The rules are: 2 sips for the first Nene eyeroll, 3 everytime Kenya snaps the fan, and just kill the whole glass when Kim walks out in that green dress.

Will you be watching?

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*This is from a hilarious comment about Porsha (shoutout to Shunnie Machelle!) on the blog’s Facebook page. Haven’t “liked” it yet? Go do it now!

6 thoughts on “Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 TONIGHT!

  1. melissa630 says:

    genius as usual… sadly these ATL ladies let me down tonight. Maybe wig will bring the crazy next week.

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      Aw, thanks. I gotta say: I was pretty happy with part one! Kenya definitely prepared and I thought she came in full crazy and brought it. And Porsha did a pretty good job putting sentences together. I also laughed out loud at Phaedra’s face as she delivered the line about Kenya’s made in Mexico booty! I’m looking forward to part two…

  2. MAYA HARRIS says:


  3. Emma says:

    Why did they sit Kenya next to Andy??? I mean if anyone should have been there should have been Kandi.. or Cynthia, but not her. And Kenya is all sorts of crazy with that fan of hers and her calling Phaedra fat time and time again.. what gives? I mean, the work out videos were to make the booty bigger and better not to lose weight, at least that was my take on it when they started with all of that..but whatevs.. All I know is that they need to make this a reunion for everyone not just Porsha and kenya and Phaedra… Nene just sat there and laughed, cynthia as always was just another table, and Kandi looks bored as hell .. Hopefully when they bring Kim there is more yelling and screaming like we like to see them do..

    • reallyrealatlantahousewife says:

      Ok, now that we’ve seen it, what a snoozefest! Kim was boring, everyone was boring. Part 3 better bring it!

  4. Emma says:

    I’m wondering though about the texting between Kenya and Apollo!!!!! Nene is to laid back this reunion.. I honestly wanted her to tell Kim something. Or at least Kandi! I’m honestly missing the Jersey crazies at this point. But we shall see this Sunday. Will you be tuning in to watch Kim’s show? I won’t, I rather poke my eyes out.

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