What I’m Too Polite to Say to Customer Service People

tumblr_inline_mqeany5TFX1rlb7z7Gah! In the last 10 hours I have been on the telephone for extended periods of time with both Comcast and Aetna.

Both of the people I spoke to made me want to be rude as hell; made me want behave like I had no home training. (“Well, I can certainly understand your frustration, Elisabeth. I will be more than happy to assist you today.”) I remained cordial. But my interior monologue sounded just like Antoine Dodson.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Too Polite to Say to Customer Service People

  1. Julie says:

    You are more polite than me. I have ‘extreme passive aggression’ skills that I usually can keep at bay, but 10 hours is well past my tolerance level. This is the kind of verbal dart that many of these folks don’t feel: either too dumb or too habituated. Either way, it can do wonders for your attitude and spirit!

    • LibAubuchon says:

      To clarify, it was just that I had to talk to both of them in a 10 hour window – I wasn’t actually on the phone that whole time. I was actually muting the phone and doing deep breathing exercises at one point. The Aetna one was actually worse than the cable company. I’m trying to get my own health insurance. The embarrassing personal questions were bad enough the first time but when they started repeating the same ones, I almost lost it.

  2. Susan Barmon says:

    This is why I am no longer an Earthlink customer. I am polite, but I have a thyroid Dr. whose office is run by idiots. I told their scheduler today that I thought the office was run by the Three Stooges. There is just so much idiocy that we can handle.

  3. The only thing worse than having to deal with customer service for ten hours is having to deal with BEING customer service for ten hours.

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