The Part About Me

I’m no longer a wife, but why let the truth stand in the way of a name I’ve come to love? I am mom to two daughters, 15 and 21, and I’m a copywriter/social media know-it-all/hired pen. Like any other halfway interesting sort I love music, food, wine, travel, laughing with my friends, short walks on the beach, and trashy extremely high brow TV shows.

My dream is to one day be the Ed McMahon to Andy Cohen’s Johnny Carson on “Watch What Happens Live”. We’d sip cocktails together while I laugh at his jokes, play his dumb games, and wonder why that one person I’ve never heard of before is sitting next to that other person who is insanely famous.

This blog is a place where I can write about the best of the worst of the fascinatingly trivial. If you, too, are slightly obsessed with all things brainless in the media, you will love it! If not, carry on with your reading of The Economist. We’ll be over here giggling and ruining America.
UPDATE: I’m relaunching this blog. It will sometimes be serious and will sometimes be about crap TV or C-list celebrities or whatever else I want to write about. I hope you’ll stick around anyway.
(The cool photo of the Krog Tunnel on the header is from Flickr/Deadly Tedly. )


10 thoughts on “The Part About Me

  1. Susa says:

    One day I will say ” I knew her then” I wish I had a smidge of your talent for the sublime and the ridiculous, love you dearly, you are immensely talented.

  2. Olin Williams says:

    Well thanks to facebook friend Joan, I have discovered you and look forward to some serious dishing!

  3. Emma Covarrubias says:

    Love it!

  4. Susan says:

    Lib, you are my late night (ok 9.30) pleasure, I grab my glass of wine, (first of course) slip in to my flannels and then, gosh the anticipation is too much, has Lib written anything new? Blog …. No, argh , post on Facebook , thank goodness, I can sleep suitably titillated

  5. mollytopia says:

    I love giggling and ruining America – I’m IN!

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