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Camille Paglia on the “Electric Sexual Energy” of the Real Housewives

Ana, I think I love you.

Watch What Happens Live’s mix of high and low culture may have just hit its zenith. Camille Paglia and Ana Quincones discussing the no-need-to-feel-guilty pleasure of the Real Housewives? Sublime.

When Paglia wrote Sexual Personae in the early 1990s, it was an interesting moment in culture. A hard core academic treatment of feminism, art, and sexuality was inexplicably a best-seller. As a personality, they don’t come a whole lot more irritating than Camille Paglia. But I love what she makes us think about. She legitimizes popular culture (which I love) and she’s really, really smart!

One thing that really intrigued me was her answer to a viewer questioning if showing women bickering – and sometimes full-on fighting – was bad for women and encouraged misogynistic views. This is a question that’s dogged me, too. I consider myself an unapologetic feminist and I sometimes have a hard time articulating why I don’t think these shows are “bad for women.” Paglia’s response was that it is a “display of honest emotion in a time when emotion is so repressed.” That feels so true to me. When women display strong emotion that isn’t just about how much they love their kids, people freak the f**k out. It’s the same reason why the Twilight and 50 Shades of Gray series are trivialized, right? Twilight is “for girls” and 50 Shades is “mommy porn.” Although I haven’t read any of those books, I gather they’re not outstanding works of literature. But that’s hardly the point. They are denigrated in a way that other works are not because they deal with specifically female longings. And I guess it’s a lot easier to giggle at “mommy porn” than it is to confront the terrifying realization that millions of suburban women have extremely dark desires. Anyhoo. Moving on. Continue reading

Linked Out :: October 5, 2012

Clearly, you know that if it’s after six and you aren’t in a tux, people will mistake you for a farmer. But this and other helpful 30 Rock wisdom is now in infographic form. (Vulture)

Ew! A pic of Tyra Banks’ hideous, vomit-inducing, gross-me-out muffin top. Click if you dare! (The Frisky)

Hey, who wants to be my partner and dress as SEXXXY Bert and Ernie for Halloween? See, I already did SEXXXY Tinky Winky last year so… (

Thank you, Ashley, for this collection of the best Honey Boo Boo gifs! (The FW)

Aviva: “Vacation is not the time to be drunk and have fun and laugh!” If you’ve been watching the Real Housewives of New York City this year, you have GOT to watch this 2-minute season recap from the gays guys at TVGasm. (YouTube)

I can’t stop looking at these classic sculptures dressed in modern hipster clothes. (Behance)

The fact that Hulk Hogan has sex tape? Not surprising. Seeing what his hair is like underneath the bandanna? A little surprising, honestly. (Gawker)


Linked Out :: September 28, 2012

Planning a dinner party? Wondering what Mike D would think of your wine pairings? Answer here. (Esquire)

The mature adult me thinks Lil Wayne is an entitled egomaniacal ass (who took a page out of Ronald Reagan’s book)  in this videotaped deposition. But the wee anti-authoritarian in me? Thinks it’s hilarious. (TMZ)

You guys, Katy Perry will not stop making me like her! This Daria manicure? UGH! Make her stop! (Cheezburger)

There’s really nothing to say about this stingray photo bomb except that it’s a stingray. Photobombing. And facial expressions can be magical. (The Frisky)

Looks like Cher and Dee from “Clueless” were in charge of costumes for the Brooklyn Nets cheerleaders. (Vulture) Gawker takes it a step further, going outfit by outfit. (Gawker)

It’s hard to imagine there was a time when Aaron Paul wasn’t yet Jesse Pinkman. Or that Seth Rogen wasn’t always Ken Miller. Check out this collection of audition tapes for now iconic TV characters. (Flavorwire)

I haven’t been watching Britney on “The X-Factor”, but these faces!? I might have to start. Oh, Britney. Bless your heart. Sigh. (Reality TV gifs)

Linked Out Love :: September 21, 2012

It didn’t make a big splash, but Fiona Apple was arrested for drug possession this week when her tour bus was pulled over and hash was found on board. Innocent until proven guilty and all that, but the mugshot is all the evidence I need that homegirl is BAKED. (Popbytes)

In other drug-related news, a drunk and high 51-year-old lady “pirate” commandeers a passenger ferry yelling, “I’m Jack Sparrow!” as she attempts to elude authorities. Is this hilarious or terrifying? (Gawker)

The people in this gif are Jack White, Amy Winehouse, Jay-Z and Beyonce. I have no idea why they are all together, where this took place, no idea when it was filmed, and I care not one tiny bit. Because this is proof that at some moment in time, 4 people I completely geek out over were in the same room. (

Let’s leave politics out of this and just agree that Mittens got a comically bad spray tan. (ColorLines)

Ok, just one more about politics: the MC Hammer/Obama mash-up “U Didn’t Build That.” Delightful for lovers and haters alike. (Buzzfeed)

And finally, I’ll use the same headline for this that my friend Tom did: FLORIDA!!!  (Jalopnik and Thomas Ronca)

Have a great weekend!


Linked Out Love :: September 14, 2012

Earlier this week, there were reports that Kris Jenner (horrible Kardashian mom) criticized June Thompson (Honey Boo Boo’s mom) for exploiting her kids for money. Predictable “pot, meet kettle” headlines everywhere. But now Kris says she did no such thing. Ooh, Kris Jenner, I see what you did there. Throwin’ shade like a BAWSE. (E Online)

This headline implies that wine in a box somehow isn’t classy enough on its own. I don’t get it. What’s wrong with just carrying it with you? (The Frisky)

This kid makes me wish I could travel back in time so I could grab my 15 year old self by the shoulders and repeatedly shout, “What the F*CK are you DOING??! Get off the phone, quit painting your nails and go LEARN something! JEE-zus.” (Cheezburger)

As a show of love to my readers, I would like to share some resources on the 5 Stages of Amy Poehler/Will Arnett Breakup Grief. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. (The Frisky)

Can you imagine discussing group health insurance with your Bunny Mother? What about demerits for carelessness with hair, nails, shoes, makeup or costume? No? Well, you can learn about it all right here in the 1968 Playboy Club Bunny Manual. (Retronaut)

Hey there, fellow moms! I know we don’t agree on everything in this crazy, mixed-up world but I think we can all agree that potty-training your kids in the middle of a restau – HOLY MARY! What is WRONG with people??!  (Huff Po)

Here’s me watching that video:




All Linked Up :: September 7, 2012

Readers of my old blog might remember a short-lived daily feature I called “Links and Hijinx.” I discontinued it because A) it was really hard to come up with cool links every single day and B) I was advised that the title was meaningless and didn’t compel anyone to click on it.


You have to work with your skill set, right? Well, one of mine is the ability to find the very best of the world wide web. Since everyone is using the word “curated” lately, let’s call this a collection I curated just for you. Let me know if it should go back on the regular schedule.

The perfect gift for the kitschy Motorhead fan in your life. (Amazon)

The Honest Toddler is truly the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Sample tweet: 

Oy, the looks at the VMAs. The “looks.” Nicki Minaj looks like Loretta Swit colored with crayons. Swit reference = age marker. (Vulture)

This is a food combination that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have thought of if I spent 72 hours nonstop thinking of foods to combine. You know what sucks? It’s probably delicious. (The Frisky)

A courageous Lindsay Lohan: not afraid to “tweet to power.” (Videogum)

There’s no purpose to this picture except that I had it, Motorhead nesting dolls made me think about it, and you needed to see it.