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Kim Zolciak Named Her Son Kash Kade. Yes, Really.

The good news: A hearty “Mazel!” to Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann, who welcomed a new baby boy this morning.

The bad news: They named the kid Kash Kade.

It’s always good to hear that a baby is born healthy and that mom and baby are feeling fine. Because then you can start talking shit.

One of my Twitter pals, @TracySlapaho said it best when she tweeted this morning that the name “sounds like Sean Connery talking about Cascade detergent.” I know you’re doing that accent in your head right now and it’s funny, isn’t it? Nicely done, Tracy.

Recently, I watched “Freakonomics” for a second time. If you haven’t seen it, watch it right now. There’s a segment about names and the lifelong effects they can have on people.  We all know certain names evoke strippers (sorry, Brandi and Misti!), some conjure up old ladies (hi, Gertrude and Dolores!) and some make you picture a total dudebro (‘sup, Chad and Blake?). There’s also a fascinating discussion of how some names originate in the upper classes and are later discarded when they trickle down to the Poors.

I’m getting off track but I do have a point to make here. The process of naming a baby is so lengthy and typically well thought-out that I have to wonder what the hell Kim and Kroy were thinking with Kash Kade? Hasn’t Kim been accused over and over again of being a gold digger? You guys, did she actually name her baby son after what she loves most in life??

With all these ‘K’ names, the Biermanns are like a low-budget Kardashian Klan. I predict name changes for Brielle and Arianna in 3, 2…