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All GIF Friday!

Is there a way to NOT love this song?



Aw, little self-absorbed Hannah Horvath finally figured out that she’s tired of trying to experience everything and be cool all the time. It’s called your 20s, kid, and we all grow out of it.


Sexxxy moves from living cartoon Courtney Stodden.


If he was your boyfriend, he’d never let you go.


Here’s Mariah, reminding us how the dismissive smile is really done.


In case you forgot to loathe Chris Brown today.


This is how I’m gonna say Justin’s name from now on. Every time.


 Mariah gif

And This Year’s Grodiest Santas Are. . .

Celebrities: they’re just like us! They love to put on Santa gear and have their friends take pictures. This time of year, each new day brings a fresh crop of Santa-impersonating attention seekers.

Here’s how it generally works: the further down the list, the more elaborate the costuming. This means Gwen Stefani might throw on a Santa hat for a hot second with her kids, while perennial F-listers go full Kringle.

So. I’ve been studying up on this year’s celebrity Santas and I think I’ve come up with what you’ll agree are the hottest messes in the game.

Reppin’ the dudes this year, why it’s Mr. John Mayer! Yes, Mayer the Player – currently Katy Perry’s whipped cream licker (sorry) – donned a Santa suit and thankfully, KP was there to capture the moment and post it to her Twitter. mayerclauskatyperry

Look, I know people think John Mayer is sexy. But this guy always looks to me like he needs a hot date with some SOAP! Make those sexy eyes at the shower, homie.

But what about the ladies? Well, it’s a tie this year. For some reason Leann Rimes didn’t call the paparazzi while she frolicked in a red and white bikini this year, so the field was opened up for some new faces. Continue reading