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All GIF Friday!

Is there a way to NOT love this song?



Aw, little self-absorbed Hannah Horvath finally figured out that she’s tired of trying to experience everything and be cool all the time. It’s called your 20s, kid, and we all grow out of it.


Sexxxy moves from living cartoon Courtney Stodden.


If he was your boyfriend, he’d never let you go.


Here’s Mariah, reminding us how the dismissive smile is really done.


In case you forgot to loathe Chris Brown today.


This is how I’m gonna say Justin’s name from now on. Every time.


 Mariah gif

The Non-Definitive List of Things That Entertained Me the Most in 2012

1. Angelina’s leg at the Oscars

I don’t watch the Oscars (I know) because as much as I love celebrities and movies, the self-congratulatory, overly serious tone of awards shows makes me feel barfy. My disdain for Angelina Jolie is well known among my friends so on Oscar night, when I started getting texts and tweets and Facebook messages about Angelina’s leg, I knew it was something big.

It was better than I could have even hoped for. tumblr_m029asjEQI1rn6e3mo1_500An “Angelina’s Leg” Twitter feed was born before the show was even over. Over the next few days, the memes were everywhere. Some of them were amazing.imgres

I still think “Angelina’s Leg” was the best meme of the year, better even than Binders Full of Women.

It’s really not even about schadenfruede (it kinda is). It’s about someone being an ass and acting as though it’s part of her spellbinding mystique. Sorry, Ange. Not this time.

2. Blue Ivy Carter’s earthly debut

My loathing for Angelina is equaled only by my love for Jay-Z and Beyonce. I don’t care if she maybe didn’t actually give birth to BIC. Or maybe shut down the maternity ward at Lenox Hill Hospital. Or even that they tried to trademark the name Blue Ivy Carter, or any of the other out-of-touch rich people stuff they may or may not have done. My love for them is irrational. And enduring. In addition to the baby, Beyonce made a tumblr this year and it is just, well, everything.

3. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: “Thrift Shop” video

I should be ashamed of how many times I watched this. Should be. But this is f*cking awesome.

4. Britney on The X-Factor

Have I watched the show even once? No. Don’t need to when I have T.Kyle Mac and his Britney gifs. As my pal Rob Sheffield says, watching Britney try to appear normal is more entertaining than anything else on the show. tumblr_mf03h9Hpvf1ql5yr7o2_250tumblr_mf03h9Hpvf1ql5yr7o1_250



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