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The Best – and “Best” (wink) – Costumes Famous People Wore Last Night

Trying to get my mind off the storm coverage and my stress over the election, I decided to check out celeb Halloween costumes. Nothing takes your mind off of death and destruction, climate change, denial of climate change, and a terrifyingly close race like looking at pretty, pretty celebrity pretty people!

The bar is actually kind of high for famous people on Halloween, you know? For one thing, everyone knows they have armies of assistants to go buy every little detail their costumes should have. And they also know that if it’s really good OR really bad, everyone in the world is gonna know about it. Walk with me. Let’s have a look.

This is maybe the only time I can remember feeling sorry for Paris Hilton. I mean, what IS this mess?! Her stupid sunglasses and smug look show she doesn’t realize how irrelevant she is in 2012.

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